(Adapted from the Daily Guidepost)

In days of old, this story told of how the rulers of England outlawed Christmas and any displays of the celebration. They thought that celebrating Christmas was antireligious, showy and a Royalist custom.

Now there lived a Christian candy maker who thought that all this outlawing of Christmas was just too much. He wanted to make something to give to all the people that came into his shop, to remind them of Christmas.

Well he was a very good candy maker, so he started with a white peppermint stick, white for purity and the holiness of Jesus, and bent the end, now it looked like a shepherd’s crook, because Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

Then he added three thin red stripes, each for the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He went on to add a wide red stripe, which represented the life of Jesus and the blood that he shed on the cross at Calvary. So now today many, many years later that candy maker’s finished piece of candy is a sweet reminder of our Lord Jesus Christ.