Growing up, I never really enjoyed studying the subject of math. The repetition of all those homework problems every night was daunting to me. Especially those word problems! Do you remember those questions?

“If Timmy leaves San Diego on a train going 47 mph, when will he pass Susie’s train that leaves Las Vegas at the same time (425 miles away) and is going 39 mph?”

My math skills have always been a little “fuzzy”. Maybe it’s because I’m a musician and usually only need to count to four! Here’s a fuzzy-math Thanksgiving word problem for us: This Thanksgiving, am I thankful 4, or am I thankful 2?

We are often quick to speak about being thankful for the abundance of blessings we receive. Our friends, a new grandchild, our warm home, a healed relationship, a caring church community, material objects that have special meaning to us, etc.  And with a quick change of words, our giving of thanks “For” can change into giving thanks “To” the giver of grace and everything good in this world.

We read this from Psalm 106:1-3;
“Praise the LORD.
Give thanks to the LORD,
for he is good;
his love endures forever.
Who can proclaim the
mighty acts of the LORD
or fully declare his praise?
Blessed are they who
maintain justice,
who constantly do what is right.
Why do we give thanks to the Lord?
Because he is good!
How long will he love us?

If this is good news for you, as it is for me, let’s speak about it often! Let’s share our words of thanks to God with any-one who needs to hear that there is a loving creator who desires to give grace.  Whether it’ll be around a family meal, alongside a discouraged friend, or in the quietness of our own hearts, let us be eager to speak of Jesus and our thankfulness to him!

I love you all,
Pastor Aaron

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