During the “Mission’s Moment” at one of our worship services a few months ago, one of our members shared about his service in a prison ministry. We learned of an opportunity to purchase a specific study Bible for a prisoner, named “D.” Our congregation responded to the need, not only giving money to purchase D’s Bible, but giving enough so that D could also give a matching Bible to a fellow inmate.

Because one of us chose to minister to people in prison, developing Godly relationships of encouragement and teaching, D and another soul received God’s word, along with great study notes and a message of blessing on the cover from their friends at FBC Plaistow.
Some of us reminded each other of this verse from Jesus, describing who and how to serve: “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, what-ever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40 NIV)

Honestly, we felt pretty good about ourselves. I was proud of the church for the entire process. We have spoken about it several times during our worship on Sundays. And then I received a letter in the mail last month from D. that reminded me that the God we serve moves in more than one direction at a time!

First Baptist Church
Via his attorney, D sent me a letter of thanks. He writes;
“Your church has been a blessing to myself and many others here in prison, through your prayers and those who volunteer to this dark place. It gives me great comfort and joy to know that there are brothers and sisters in Christ that care.”
Included with the letter were gift cards to various stores and restaurants, totaling hundreds of dollars. They belonged to D’s mother, who had recently passed away. Through his attorney, D gave them to our church, asking that we might share them as a blessing to people in need!

Just when I was proud of what WE had done, God demonstrated that HE is the one that is worthy of the praise. While we were being a blessing to another, God was preparing the other to be a blessing to even more people through us!

May we use these gifts from D to further bring glory and honor to God, our savior, Amen,

I love you all, Pastor Aaron.

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