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The Story of the Candy Cane

by Terri Russell

(Adapted from the Daily Guidepost) In days of old, this story told of how the rulers of England outlawed Christmas and any displays of the celebration. They thought that celebrating Christmas was antireligious, showy and a Royalist custom. Now there lived a Christian candy maker who thought that all this outlawing of Christmas was just […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – May 2018

by Terri Russell

May 2018 Spire From the Pastor’s Desk: A new piece of jewelry. A knit scarf. A Beantowne Coffeehouse gift certificate. A much loved family photograph. A hand-printed certificate to clean the kitty-litter box for an entire month. A picture of gift that is currently out of reach, attached with a message of “Someday”. The list […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – April 2018

by Jeff Comeau

We’ve started to see a few of our migrating friends return to the bird feeder and yard. I’ve observed a few fluffy Robins, and have heard a few low flying Canadian Geese. While I might try to delay a migration a few more weeks if I were a bird, these animals seem to know what […]

Was your heart healthy today?

by Jeff Comeau

Click here to download the full April 2015 Spire During our Easter Sunday worship service last year, I asked a question about Jesus’ bodily resurrection. Mainly, which system or organ in Jesus’ body do you think may have restarted first? Some of us thought it would have been an impulse from the endocrine system, or […]

Greetings from Camp Sentinel!

by Jeff Comeau

Click Here to Download the Full March 2015 Spire Kevin Van Brunt, Director of Camp Sentinel, will be speaking at church about Camp Sentinel on March 15. This is a great opportunity to hear about this wonderful camp and hear Kevin’s enthusiastic and inspiring message. Please check out Camp Sentinel at campsentinel.org and sign up your […]